Read 2020-12-10: A Paradox of Hypocrisy by Andrew Ragland
Jack must pass a mystic challenge as well as a physical.

This is not the answer Rodney was hoping for, but it is an answer that he can accept.

In a lot of conceptions of “post-colonial” negotiations between Indigenous peoples and colonizers and those forced into Collaboration with the colonizers, the Indigenous peoples are portrayed as judge, jury, and executioner. To me, this always comes off as a projection of colonizer’s fears of having their own tendencies to subjugate turned back on them.

In reality, it has always been much more like how you present here: An exchange of information between two parties as equal, and discussion about what today and tomorrow should look like based on that. And the answers are rarely good, but that doesn’t change that they are the answers.

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2020-12-08: New #Antillia post: Flora and Fauna of the Central Kingdoms, three creatures and two plants that can all cause issues in various ways, from the Socknapper to the Dire Wolf. Please comment. #writing #amwriting