The Groundhog Autonomous Zone (GAZ) is a non-contiguous confederacy of human people acting as mutualists toward the goal of extracting and resources from the contemporary colonial kyriarchist hegemony for the development of non-kyriarchal assets.

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Read Pueblo of Acoma: Healthcare in a Post-COVID World

Tonya M. Ortiz-Louis, Executive Director at Pueblo of Acoma Health and Human Services, has shared how their community did better than the areas around it in protecting its members against COVID. Worth reading for anyone interested in community management approaches to the pandemic, whether it be through colonial municipal governance or anything else.

If y’all haven’t noticed, I’m again adding some old content to through today, and I’m also trying to use it to capture things I might otherwise not record, since I’m not active on other social media sites. (Except a Mastodon instance.)

In other news, today is the weekly Food Not Bombs meal distribution, and thanks to the help of a friend, I have a Mobilizon instance set up and so there’s now an event listed for that distribution. It might be useful for folk who can’t see the “official” event listing, which is usually an uncaptioned Instagram image.

I’m not feeling any better or worse, health-wise, but the person who went for a COVID test informed me it was negative last night.


many of us with chronic conditions who’ve had to navigate the u.s. health “care” industrial complex for years also understood that COVID-19 could get this bad – specifically because of rampant ableism, medical racism, bureaucracy, and financial inaccessibility.

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Yesterday someone I interacted with informed me they had some COVID symptoms and went in for a test. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but today after heavy labor I had 97%vo2 and an abnormally high pulse, and my throat has felt… a little histamine-y all day.

It was also cold here the past couple days so the windows of my home were closed; this could be a reaction to the lack of airflow over those two nights. And since my partner and I both do crafting, there’s usually a build-up of fiber and saw dust, not to mention the normal dirt.

I’d go get a test, but I still haven’t found a local place that will do a COVID screening if you don’t have a valid state identification card. As is, I’ll take it as an excuse to focus on cleaning my home and drinking tasty tea.