Read Indigenous Cultures Take Root in New York
The traditional systems of mutual support that undergird many Indigenous Central and North American cultures have formed a safety net during a very dark time in New York City’s history.

This is an amazing series of photographs and piece of journalism. I, and many Indigenous peers, have been dismissed as “racial supremacists” in the past for our belief that it is Indigenous cultures that are capable of surviving, not kyriarchists.

It’s difficult to tolerate such hateful misrepresentation, but made easier by two things: an understanding that the kyriarchists’ whole worldview is a misrepresentation; their view of me is nothing personal. And, regardless of what the kyriachists think or how they act, it doesn’t change that it is Indigenous ways of living that are bringing human people into each new day, far safer than the kyriarchists ever have.

Read Scarcity is a colonial lie. You are worthy of abundance and liberation. | Dr. Rosales Meza | Dr. Rosales Meza
Scarcity is a colonial illusion. Scarcity keeps us in fear, keeps us in competition, keeps us under their thumb. Beloveds, these are the difficult conversations, the ones that exist at the intersections of spirituality and decolonizing. You see, abundance is TRUTH. It is our birthright. It is the Indigenous way. There - Dr Rocio Rosales Meza - Dr Rocio Rosales Meza

The Groundhog Autonomous Zone (GAZ) is a non-contiguous confederacy of human people acting as mutualists toward the goal of extracting and resources from the contemporary colonial kyriarchist hegemony for the development of non-kyriarchal assets.

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Our Mohawk family stood up for us when it was most needed – they have stood for ALL of us… because they know that: what affects one of us, affects all of us. Please help support them in any way you can! ❤️✊🏽
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You can donate to Mohawk Land Defenders here:

Please consider donating, sharing, and/or reposting! The Mohawk go so hard for the rest of us! They held it down during #ShutDownCanada and it’s time we show our appreciation and respect to the Warriors who maintained their presence and bravery on those train tracks back in February!

Court is coming up, and it’s expensive, they will need an ABUNDANCE of money! So we need to share their callout for support far and wide! Reach out to mutual aid networks!

To everyone to held it down back in February for Wet’suwet’en, wela’lioq! Thank you all so much.


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A map showing that areas of heavy colonization have had many of their vertebrate species threatened. Notably, there are not threats within the Amazon.

Indigenous people in Borneo and the Amazon are fighting on the frontlines of planetary-defense, but they can’t fend off the global extraction economy alone. Very soon, this will be a world without orangutans and jaguars if we don’t address the destructive roots of the dominant culture. For those of us in the centers of capitalist civilization, our role is to attack the heart of that world-destroying economy.