Hey y’all; I’ve seen a lot of posts today about people concerned about the future of their housing, as we get closer to the eviction moratorium ending. I just want to share that I’ve lived in housing, I’ve lived sleeping on city benches, I’ve lived in tents deep in the “wilderness.”

The biggest threat to your long-term and immediate survival is a lack of imagination. Stay childlike; stay evergreen, and you might meet these threats well-enough to meet the next.

Read After painful sweep of Laurelhurst Park, unhoused residents want a space to exist

I always have mixed feelings about pieces like this. For a lot of folk, they’re just little bits of poverty porn; people read them and then feel better knowing that they at least know about events like this, unlike their peers, who are privileged and ignorant. I try and ignore how other folk might read this and focus on what it is the folk being interviewed: what are they saying?