I tried to transcribe the lyrics as best I could make them out:

My papa was raised in the era when they tried to “Save the Man and Kill the Indian” (facts)
Fuck a residential credential my pride on a million
I need me some cedar, some sweetgrass, some sage and tobacco
I need me some medicine
My spiritual guides never lie
Hold my love words in the sky (let ’em in)
We ain’t agitators, we’re educators
We ain’t protesters, we’re protectors
Dream chasing with dream-catchers
We’re the wildest dreams of our ancestors
All my sisters and brothers
Black, Indigenous, people of color
Let’s hold it down and uplift one another
There’s beauty in unity
Indigenous sovereignty
Black liberation
We go coast to coast; this the formation
This revolution will be live and decolonized
The next seven generations? All my relations

War paint, war club, war cry
More sage, more life
War paint, war club, war cry
More sage, more life

The beginning, I’m red in my genesis
Old spirits run through this, they’re evident
When the [drama] is knocking we let ’em in
Don’t let ’em get back on their element
I’m out of my head again
Gonna get better when my pen and my pad is my medicine
Savage boy, no I ain’t no gentleman
Goddammit, I’ m proud of my melanin!
I met a few legends who told me to get it
They told my voice is a weapon
I know that I’m nothing to mess with
[???] my Smith and Wesson
Oh that’s my buddy, my best friend
If you know I’m a cut than you guessed it
Let’s talk about what we do best with

War paint, war club, war cry
More sage, more life
War paint, war club, war cry
More sage, more life

Hit ’em, hit ’em, hit ’em with the war club
Hit ’em, hit ’em, hit ’em with the war club

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