If y’all haven’t noticed, I’m again adding some old content to emsenn.net through today, and I’m also trying to use it to capture things I might otherwise not record, since I’m not active on other social media sites. (Except a Mastodon instance.)

In other news, today is the weekly Food Not Bombs meal distribution, and thanks to the help of a friend, I have a Mobilizon instance set up and so there’s now an event listed for that distribution. It might be useful for folk who can’t see the “official” event listing, which is usually an uncaptioned Instagram image.

I’m not feeling any better or worse, health-wise, but the person who went for a COVID test informed me it was negative last night.

Yesterday someone I interacted with informed me they had some COVID symptoms and went in for a test. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but today after heavy labor I had 97%vo2 and an abnormally high pulse, and my throat has felt… a little histamine-y all day.

It was also cold here the past couple days so the windows of my home were closed; this could be a reaction to the lack of airflow over those two nights. And since my partner and I both do crafting, there’s usually a build-up of fiber and saw dust, not to mention the normal dirt.

I’d go get a test, but I still haven’t found a local place that will do a COVID screening if you don’t have a valid state identification card. As is, I’ll take it as an excuse to focus on cleaning my home and drinking tasty tea.

I’ve spent a chunk of today, when I can, looking around the Web for chunks of writing I can find elsewhere and importing them into this WordPress instance. It’s unfortunate that it looks like I just won’t be able to find a backup for most of my writing from 2019.

Hey folks, sorry for the delay in sending out an email. First, my laptop’s harddrive died, then the operating system I installed on the replacement drive was very very hard to use (laggy, glitchy,) and it’s only yesterday I got that replaced (with Debian 10, for the curious, and Fedora 33 was laggy and glitchy. Running KDE Plasma and first Gnome then LXDE on Fedora.)

Since I had a few days without a computer around, I actually have written up the next couple letters I plan to send y’all by hand – expect them probably over the course of the day.

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I feel like I actually made some progress with my website over the past few days – like, the pages seem actually intelligible and easy to follow! And that’s honestly a good encouragement to write these sorts of log entries: if not for a wider audience, it might be nice to look back on what I had to say about past days.

I mean, most folk who take such journals do say they’re nice, but I haven’t and don’t want to assume!

The weather today is fairly nice, after light showers and intermittent storms yesterday and a few days earlier. I don’t have any big plans for the day: tinkering with my website was a big part of it, specifically writing more things to help speed up writing logs, tasks, etc.

Beside that, I need to tidy up around my apartment, and I think I might try and do some beadwork today, but the rainy weather has my nerve damage acting up, so I’m not really up to much hard work.

As my partner reminded me over my shoulder, we do have an overhaul of the garden space coming up: the corn has to come up, and it’ll be time to put down new seed! The weather has been so unpredictable, it’s hard to plan what’s going to be in-season, especially given the urban environment. I’d love to get down more field peas but I’m out of those seed.

I’ve been bad about updating my personal records recently. To those who benefit from those records, I apologize. My mental and spiritual life has been strained recently, and I’ve mostly been pursuing a sense of escape: first my working on my MUD engine and then more recently by playing computer games.

I think what happened is that after being ostracized from one of the online communities I most involved myself with[fn:1], I was no longer connected to one of my main streams of information about contemporary anarchy, mutualism, and especially their efforts in urban gardening. That, combined with the local mutualists being, for the most part, white-centering, left me feeling like no one I was talking to was really able to hear what I was saying.

I’m still dealing with that, but I’ve at least recollected myself enough that I can hold myself as an audience, and get back to talk with the animal and plant neighbors more often during my day.

On that note, the kinfolk of the GAZ are in for some rough weather this first week of August. Hurricane Isaias is making landfall in Florida today, and will be moving over this region tomorrow, perhaps as early as the morning, but almost certainly by late afternoon.

I’ve spent the earlier part of the morning trying to consider how to make preparations. Interior space is limited – my small studio apartment – and there are currently more than 200 starter plants at the Free Market, in addition to the other plants in containers. There’s also corn that’s in high-wind areas, and almost certain to get knocked down: one patch was already harvested, but the other is no where near ready

I also need to secure a lot of the gardening supplies: random pots, bags, and tools that have gotten scattered in areas prone to flooding. I don’t want those washing away!

Once things are secure and we’re all bunkered up for the few days of heavy wind and rain, I’m planning to set up an RSS reader so I can more-easily follow contemporary anarchist publications, and I’m planning to do some tweaking to my website’s CSS, as I’ve found it hard to actually interpret the information being presented on each page, with the current very-muted theme. (The changes might be as small as adding some borders around various sections, to give the site an appearance of panels like many contemporary websites.)