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This report describes COVID-19-associated mortality among American Indian and Alaska Native persons compared with non-Hispanic White persons.

A recent analysis found that… COVID-19 cases among AI/AN persons was 3.5 times that among White persons… the age-adjusted AI/AN COVID-19 mortality rate… was 1.8… times that among White persons… Among persons aged 20–29 years, 30–39 years, and 40–49 years, the COVID-19 mortality rates among AI/AN were 10.5, 11.6, and 8.2 times, respectively, those among White persons.

Read CDC's New Numbers Show Black Americans and Other People of Color Dying at Higher Rates From COVID-19 Than It P by Ishena Robinson
After initially saying that Black Americans are dying at about two times the rate of their white counterparts from COVID-19, the CDC has updated its publicly reported figures to show that the racial disparity in deaths from the disease is even wider.

This updated analysis shows that American Indians or Alaska Natives have died at a rate 2.6 times that of White Americans – not 1.4 times, as previously reported

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One afternoon in mid-April, I was sitting at the kitchen table working from home on my computer when the phone rang. I jumped to pick it up. My friend Eloise’s* voice came over the line. “I have some bad news,” she said. “Herminio has been hospitalized because of COVID.” Eloise had also co...