Feinting Fiends

DRAFT Introduction

This adventure is a draft: it is unfinished and that should be considered when reading it. Special attention should be paid to text marked DRAFT, EDIT, or TK.

Feinting Fiends is a tabletop role-playing adventure in which the party guards a thrift store, usually taking two to four hours to complete.

This adventure was written for use with the Brave Old World ruleset. An abridged version of those rules has been included. This adventure comes with suggested characters that the players could use as their adventurers. See the "Character Templates" section.

In the town of Helmet's Dent, a man named Nash Celson is looking for help. Bandits have taken over the small castle that's been in his family for generations, and he wants it back.

What's making sounds at night?

This adventure is set in tragically funny fantasy world of Teraum, in the year 80pc, during the Reconstruction Era. Several decades after the apocalyptic disappearance of magic, humanity is forming itself into a new empire. And on the edges of the world, rumors that magic is returning have begun to spread.

This adventure is part of a larger project, Teraum. Teraum is a tragically funny fantasy world to be implemented as role-playing game resources, stories, and radioplays. Teraum is a fantasy world in early and active drafting stages being created by emsenn. For more information, see https://emsenn.net/teraum/

DRAFT Feinting Fiends

NOTE: Don't read past this point unless you're planning to narrate this adventure. If you aren't sure what that means, read the "Abridged Rules" section at the end of this document.

DRAFT Exposition

Before beginning the session, your party should know:

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DRAFT Settings

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DRAFT The Plot

DRAFT Scene One: ?

DRAFT Epilogue

DRAFT Supplements

DRAFT Character Templates

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Ye Olde Curio Shop
Now abandoned, Ye Olde Curio Shop was were travelers knew they could find nearly anything.
A prosperous suburb, where trends go to die.
A prepared story that a narrator can guide the party through. See "Abridged Rules".
A member of the party, a character in the adventure that is controlled by a player. See "Abridged Rules".
The player responsible for starting and guiding an adventure. See "Abridged Rules".
The group of adventurers going through a story. See "Abridged Rules".

DRAFT Abridged Rules

Brave Old World is a set of rules for telling a story by having a structured conversation. It requires a six-sided dice (two is easier), a sheet of paper, something to write with, and two to six players (four to six is better).

One player takes the role of narrator, who starts and guides the story, and the others take the roles of adventurers, characters in that story. The story and characters may be created by the players as a group, or sourced from pre-written Adventures.

Narrators can either make-up the premise for a story, or use a pre-written adventure. Adventurers can either make-up their identity, or use a template from an adventure. If things are being made-up, it's important tha

The narrator says where the adventurers are and what is happening around them. The adventurers say what it is they'd like to do. When an adventurer takes a risk, they roll two six-sided die (or one dice twice) and add the results.

  • If they roll a 10 or more (10+), they succeed at what they attempted.
  • If they roll a 7 through 9 (7-9), they partially succeed, accomplishing what they attempted but with a cost or consequence.
  • If they roll a 6 or less (6-), they fail, and something is going to happen.

If the adventurer is knowledgeable about or skilled at what triggered the roll, they can add 1 (+1) to their result.

After an player rolls, the narrator says how the game world reacts to their result, and the conversation continues, with players then saying how their adventurer would respond to those reactions.

This continues until players run out of time or reach a good stopping point in the story.

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Created: 2019-05-24 Fri 00:47