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DRAFT Introduction

This gazetteer is a draft: it is unfinished and that should be considered when reading it. Special attention should be paid to text marked DRAFT, EDIT, or TK.

DRAFT Bellybrush Gazetteer

DRAFT Overview

Bellybrush is town in the Green Delta. It is the primary suburb of the human city of Ack, located about a half-mile east along the Kingsroad. The town was founded in 701bc as a retirement community for the fisherfolk of Ack, and quickly grew into an agricultural community in its own right, focused around the raising of pigs.

DRAFT History

DRAFT Founding of Bellybrush

The town of Bellybrush was founded in 701bc by retiring fisherfolk.

DRAFT Bellybrush During the Lull

The Lull was the brief period of time after the Age of Heroes, but before the start of the Great Wars, roughly 20pc to 40pc. It was a peaceful and prosperous time for Bellybrush, which had served as a base for many of the heroes of the previous age.

Those heroes, now retired, helped humans begin to take their first steps toward recovering from the Collapse here in town. For example, in 22pc, the Chandlers Guild office, at the time the organization's headquarters, was where the wax clock was invented.

In 34pc, the first issue of the newspaper The Bellybrush Review was printed.

In 53pc, Barnabus Trent moved to town and established Ye Olde Curio shop.

DRAFT Bellybrush During the Great Wars

In 70pc, Nell was found on the steps of the orphanage.

In 74pc, The Bellybrush Review ran an expose demonstrating the Red Union, then the "Red Ward," did not provide any services.

In 75pc, the editors of The Bellybrush Review are found guilty and hanged for libel.

In 76pc, Nell begins to work part-time for Barnabus Trent at Ye Olde Curio Shop.

DRAFT Bellybrush During the Reconstruction Era

On the 14th of Sleeting, 80pc, the Chandlers Guild bought the printing press formerly owned by The Bellybrush Review

DRAFT Contemporary Bellybrush


DRAFT Map of Bellybrush


DRAFT Streets

DRAFT Beggar's Alley

Beggar's Alley is a road in the southern part of town, near the Green River. As the name suggests, it's where many of the town's poorest residents live. Among the residents is Budlock Baster.

DRAFT Boundary Street

Before the Walk was built, Boundary Street was the original riverfront street in town.

DRAFT Gibbet Street

Gibbet Street is one of the oldest streets in the town, and one of the poorest. At the southern end of the street, at the intersection with Boundary Street there is a barren gibbet: two tall poles on either side of the street, with a thick board slung between them. The poles are covered in death masks, a mundane treasure used to remember those executed for their crimes.

Near where Gibbet Street intersects with the Walk, there is an assemblage of old wooden houses that have grown into one property. Among the residents are Wadren Smith, a 16-year-old orphan who raises pigs, and Holman Holder, a 55-year old who "steals" those pigs, as a prank. Nell also spends a lot of time here, even though she lives at the orphanage.

DRAFT The Walk

The Walk runs parallel to the southern bank of the Green River.

DRAFT Buildings

DRAFT Asylum

The asylum is the local prison.

DRAFT Barber-Surgeon

The barber-surgeon is the town's healthcare worker.

DRAFT Beynway Boarding House

Beynway Boarding House is one of the town's older hotels.

DRAFT Butcher

The butcher is the local meat seller. The shop specializes in aged sausages.

DRAFT Chandlers Guild

The local office the Chandlers Guild is a squat brick building.

DRAFT Cheers

Cheers is a high-end liquor store.

DRAFT Cheese Shop

The cheese shop sells a wide variety of local cheeses, as well as a rare collection of foreign products.

DRAFT Cobbler Shop

The cobbler shop is a shoe-selling and -making business. Due to the unfortunate name, they also sell cobblers, the baked good, though their stock in that is often stale.

DRAFT Cock o the Walk

The Cock o the Walk is a bar and music venu on the south bank of the Green River, east of /Gibbet Street.

DRAFT Cornocopia

Cornocopia is a high-end restaurant.

DRAFT The Fair

The Fair is a small market in the north part of town. Recently constructed, it features booths from local artists and craftsfolk.

DRAFT Freddy's Fuels

Freddy's Fuels sells charcoal for nearby households.

DRAFT Grape Vine

The Grape Vine is a low-class tavern.

DRAFT Hamaking Warehouse

Owned by two brothers, Hamaking Warehouse is a shipping company on the west end of Boundary Street.

DRAFT Kaldura's House

Kaldura's House is a brothel.

DRAFT Leaping Eel

The Leaping Eel is a large tavern north of the Kingsroad as it enters the west part of town. Outside the tavern is a Red Union job board and postal box.

DRAFT Madrin's Shack

Madrin's Shack is a squashboard hovel built just north of Gibbet Street's intersection with Boundary Street. Madrin, an individual escaped from the local asylum, built the shack on the 2nd of Melting, 80pc. The shack often smells strongly of fresh hay, and when the area is quiet, passerbys can hear Madrin inside, shouting at himself.

DRAFT Southbank House

The Southbank House is a large run-down house built in the earliest days of Bellybrush. Wadren Smith lives here with Holman Holder, though the two are not really friends.

DRAFT Market

The market is where most locals buy their food and clothing.

DRAFT Masked Mortuary

Masked Mortuary is a small building at the corner of Boundary and Gibbet Streets.

DRAFT Meig's Mercantile

Meig's Mercantile sells lots of things imported from the New World.

DRAFT Midway

Midway is the town's largest park.

DRAFT Money Lender

A squat stone building, the money lender is where locals secure loans on collateral - it's a pawn shop.

DRAFT Netmaker

The netmaker is a small building that makes and sells fishing nets.

DRAFT Old Bastion

The Old Bastion is a dinner-with-a-show restaurant that appeals to tourists coming into the Bellybrush on their way to visit Ack.

DRAFT Orphange

The Orphanage is run by Mother Jaffa, and also serves as a laundromat.

DRAFT Par Weaponry

Dokas and Milly Par ran Par Weaponry before their daughter Negalis murdered them. Now, the building is empty.

The Red Union holds the deed.

DRAFT Ramen Shop

The ramen shop serves one type of ramen each day, at a very low price.

DRAFT Redbrick Flats

Redbrick Flats is a brick building where many of the town's poor live in cramped flats.

DRAFT Sovel's

Sovel's is a small restaurant and general store run by Henri Sovel.

DRAFT Steamworks

The Steamworks is a sculpture gallery displaying works built by local farmers out of old equipment.

DRAFT Tenement

The tenement is shared housing.

DRAFT The Wynd

The Wynd is a large tavern near the middle of town.

DRAFT Tobacco Hut

The tobacco hut is a small tobacco store.

DRAFT Undertaker

The undertaker is where town residents take their dead, if they are too wealthy to consider Masked Mortuary.

DRAFT Waterfront Fletcher

Waterfront Fletcher is an archery and camping supply store.

DRAFT Westmeet Market

Westmeet Market is a small market in the middle of town.

DRAFT Ye Olde Curio Shop

Ye Olde Curio Shop is a cramped thrift store. Formerly owned and run by Barnabus Trent, the building was abandoned on the 18th of Blooming, 80pc.

DRAFT Pasta Palace

Pasta Palace is a restaurant franchise founded here in town, now with locations all over the GAME area. One of the few things the franchise dictates between locations is that all menu items should be named after pasta dishes, for example cake is "brownie lasagna," and some inane "health" regulations like not adding salt to anything.

DRAFT Landmarks

DRAFT Old Wall

While presumably the Old Wall used to be part of a larger structure, all that remains is a five-foot tall, two-foot wide assembly of limestone bricks. It is covered, entirely, in painted graffiti.

DRAFT Red Keep

The Red Keep is a small folly on the north bank of the Green River.

DRAFT Sewers

The town of Bellybrush has a sophisticated sewer system, constructed during the Magic Revolution. Many local businesses have had basements that extend into it, while others have sealed theirs off. Thus, the exact layout of the sewers is impossible to know.

DRAFT Westgate

The Westgate is a folly made of limestone on the north side of the bridge that crosses the Green River on the west end of town.

DRAFT Notable Organizations and People

DRAFT Aaron Pollar

Aaron Pollar is an employee of the Chandlers Guild.

DRAFT Mother Jaffa

Mother Jaffa is a human who runs the orphanage in the town of Bellybrush.

DRAFT Budlock Baster

Budlock Baster is a human beggar who lives in Bellybrush. He is often in the area around Beggar's Alley.

DRAFT Bellybrush Flayer

The Bellybrush Flayer is a rumored serial killer in town. He's suspected to be responsible for the death of several poor residents, all found without their faces.

DRAFT Arandul Nabrish

Arandul Nabrish is a young human who lives with his father Daxol, running the Masked Mortuary. He has gotten in trouble for pickpocketing before.

DRAFT Daxol Nabrish

Daxol Nabrish is an older human who lives with his son Arandul, running the Masked Mortuary.

DRAFT Madrin

Madrin is a mostly-human individual whose great-great-great-grandfather was a goblin named Madrin Squeal. Madrin was born in 44pc, in the town of Marby, southwest of Bellybrush.

An emotional child, Madrin had trouble growing up and finding work as an adult. He found himself in the custody of the asylum by the time he was in his twenties. He was held there until the 28th of Winter, 80pc, when he escaped.

After his escape, he built himself a shack in the area of Gibbet Street. His emotional outbursts have recently been getting worse, and he's begun to develop a strange body odor, smelling strongly of hay.

DRAFT Nubbles

Nubbles is a young human girl who lives in the tenement.

DRAFT Dokas Par

Dokas Par was a blacksmith and weapon-seller who lived at Par Weaponry with his wife Milly before they were murdered by their daughter Negalis.

DRAFT Milly Par

Milly Par was a blacksmith and weapon-seller who lived in town with her husband Dokas before they were murdered by their daughter Negalis.

DRAFT Wadren Smith

Wadren Smith is a young impoverished human who lives on at the Southbank House, where he breeds pigs.

DRAFT Henri Sovel

Henri Sovel is the proprietor of Sovel's.

DRAFT Holman Holder

Holman Holder is an impoverished human who lives at the Southbank House with Wadren Smith, though the two aren't really friends.


Nell is a young human girl who lives at the orphanage and spends a lot of time at the Southbank House. Until recently, she often helped Barnabus Trent at his Ye Olde Curio Shop.


DRAFT Supplements


Sometimes called "humanity's enduring heart," Ack is the de facto capital of human civilization. See Atlas of Ack.
Pollar, Aaron
aged sausage
Sturdy and savory, a common trade good. See "Aged Sausage" in Catalog of Mundane Things.
Age of Heroes
A time of great folk and deeds, exaggerated by memory. See History of the Age of Heroes.
TK See "Asylum".
As skilled a health-care worker as one can find. See "Barber-Surgeon".
Baster, Budlock
TK See "Budlock Baster".
Beggar's Alley
TK See "Beggar's Alley".
Bellybrush Flayer
An alleged serial killer who removes their victims faces. See "Bellybrush Flayer".
Bellybrush Review, The
A prosperous suburb, where trends go to die. The subject of this gazetteer.
Beynway Boarding House
TK See "Beynway Boarding House".
Boundary Street
TK See "Boundary Street".
TK See "Butcher".
Chandlers Guild
TK See "Chandlers Guild". This is one office of a larger organization. A human commercial organization that involves itself in everything from apiculture to newspapers. See "Chandlers Guild" in Human Culture and Physiology.
TK See "Cheers".
Cheese Shop
TK See "Cheese Shop".
Cobbler Shop
TK See "Cobbler Shop"/
Cock o the Walk
TK See "Cock o the Walk".
Collapse, the
TK See History of the Collapse.
TK See "Cornocopia".
death masks
TK See "Death Masks" in the Catalog of Mundane Things.
Fair, the
Gibbet Street
TK See "Gibbet Street".
A species of short humanoids just smart enough to get themselves into real trouble. See "Goblins" in Encyclopedia of Magic Creatures.
Grape Vine
TK See "Grape Vine".
Great Wars
TK See History of the Great Wars.
Green Delta
A region densely settled by humans, prosperous and cultured. See Geography and Settlements of the Green Delta.
Green River
TK See "Green River" in Cultures and Geography of the Old World.
Hamaking Warehouse
See "Hamakings Warehouse" in the Bellybrush Gazetteer. See "Hamaking Warehouse".
Holder, Holman
TK See "Holder Holman".
A species of sapient bipeds that spend time to save time. See Human Culture and Physiology.
job board
Kaldura's House
TK See "Kaldura's House".
Leaping Eel
See "Leaping Eel".
Lull, the
TK See History of the Lull.
TK See "Madrin".
Madrin's Shack
TK See "Madrin's Shack".
Magic Revolution
TK See History of the Magic Revolution.
TK See Marby Gazetteer.
TK See "Market".
Masked Mortuary
TK See "Masked Mortuary".
Meig's Mercantile
TK See "Meig's Mercantile".
TK See "Midway".
money lender
TK See "Money Lender".
Mother Jaffa
TK See "Mother Jaffa".
Nabrish, Arandul
TK See "Arandul Nabrish".
Nabrish, Daxol
TK See "Daxol Nabrish".
TK See "Nell".
TK See "Netmaker".
New World
TK See Cultures and Geography of the New World.
TK See "Nubbles".
Old Bastion
TK See "Old Bastion".
Old Wall
TK See "Old Wall".
TK See "Orphanage".
Par, Dokas
TK See "Dokas Par".
Par, Milly
TK See "Milly Par".
Par, Negalis
Par Weaponry
TK See "Par Weaponry".
TK See "Pigs" in Encyclopedia of Mundane Creatures.
postal box
TK See "Postal Box" in Catalog of Mundane Things.
printing press
TK See "Printing Press" in Catalog of Mundane Things.
Ramen Shop
TK See "Ramen Shop".
Redbrick Flats
TK See "Redbrick Flats".
Red Keep
TK See "Red Keep".
Red Union
TK See "Red Union" in Human Culture and Physiology.
Smith, Wadren
TK See "Wadren Smith".
Southbank House
TK See "Southbank House".
Sovel, Henri
TK See "Henri Sovel".
TK See "Sovel's".
Squeal, Madrin
TK See "Steamworks".
TK See "Tenement".
tobacco hut
TK See "Tobacco Hut".
Trent, Barnabus
TK See "Undertaker".
TK See "The Walk".
Waterfront Fletcher
TK See "Waterfront Fletcher".
Westmeet Market
TK See "Westmeet Market".
Wynd, the
TK See Wynd.

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