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DRAFT Introduction

This reference book is a draft: it is unfinished and that should be considered when reading it. Special attention should be paid to text marked DRAFT, EDIT, or TK.

This reference book is part of a larger project, Teraum. Teraum is a tragically funny fantasy world to be implemented as role-playing game resources, stories, and radioplays. Teraum is a fantasy world in early and active drafting stages being created by emsenn. For more information, see

DRAFT Catalog of Books and Letters

DRAFT Gnork's Encyclopedia of Dwarven Construction

Gnork's Encyclopedia of Dwarven Construction is a manual written by Edward Gnork in 81bc. The book contains a breadth and depth of information about dwarven building methods, including their recipes for concrete and schematics for building foundries and other facilities.

DRAFT Known Copies

As the book was published before the advent of the printing press, there were very few original copies of the text, and even fewer survive today. It is suspected that inside the library at Honeyfern Laboratories there may be a copy. It's known that Jenos Anadini possess a copy.

DRAFT Maram's Marvelous Mirrors
DRAFT Yeastslump's Architecture

DRAFT Supplements


Anadini, Jenos
Gnork, Edward
Gnork's Encyclopedia of Dwarven Construction
TK See "Gnork's Encyclopedia of Dwarven Construction".
Honeyfern Laboratories
Maram's Marvelous Mirrors
TK See "Maram's Marvelous Mirrors".
printing press
TK See "Printing Press" in Catalog of Mundane Things.
Yeastslump's Architecture
TK See "Yeastslump's Architecture".

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