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This reference book is a draft: it is unfinished and that should be considered when reading it. Special attention should be paid to text marked DRAFT, EDIT, or TK.

This reference book is part of a larger project, Teraum. Teraum is a tragically funny fantasy world to be implemented as role-playing game resources, stories, and radioplays. Teraum is a fantasy world in early and active drafting stages being created by emsenn. For more information, see

DRAFT Catalog of Magic Items

DRAFT Wand of Switcharoo

The wand of switcharoo is a short oak dowel. Once a day, when pointed at another living creature of similar size within 100 feet, the target and holder of the wand will switch places. If the target is aware of the holder's attempt to switch places, they can risk resisting the attempt.

DRAFT Waxy Wand

The waxy wand is essentially a large candle, with a wick on one end which can be lit. The candle will not decrease in size as it burns, but if tipped, will dribble out wax at a consistent rate. If this wax is dripped on them, they will develop Bartleby's Curse.

The wand was originally created by Alfred Bartleby for the Chandlers Guild in 72bc to allow for the "transmission" of written information.

DRAFT Easy-Smoking Pipe

The easy-smoking pipe is a wooden pipe which emits an intoxicating smoke. The spell comes from the pipe itself; anything burnt in it produces the same effect.

DRAFT Sing-sing

Sing-sing a plant that grows natively in the New World, and has been cultivated by humans in the Old World. It absorbs into itself magic from the soil it grows in, and has been used by dwarves, elves, halflings, and more recently humans to augment (or in humans' case, enable) their magic abilities.

It grows as a squat root, usually an inch to two in diameter and three to five inches long, that has five glossy leaves growing off a central stem above the surface.

Among dwarves, sing-sing was beaten into a pulp and the juices are added to their bread.

Elves used to snort it, and halflings smoked it as a pipe. When humans were introduced to it by the halflings, they also began the habit of smoking it, however soon humans began to distill it, much as they were with mined magic.

DRAFT Shiny Lantern

The shiny lantern is a brass oil-burning lantern. As long as it is lit and being carried, the owner finds everything they do a little less risky. However, if the shiny lantern is extinguished, the owner finds everything extremely risky.

The owner of the lantern does not recognize the negative effects, and overvalues the positive.

DRAFT Shocking Shortbow

The shocking shortbow is a magic bow that can hold up to four electrical charges, which the holder can imbue into shots fired. To recharge a shot, the bow must rest for a while. If the bow ever runs out of shots, there is a risk it may disintegrate.

DRAFT Slicer of Tapir-Weir Isles

The slicer of Tapir-Weir Isles is an item which is itself useless, but can reasonably be believed to be worth a tremendous sum. It has the appearance of a complex kitchen mandolin, though without any obvious means of operation. It was sold to someone in Ack by a trader who claimed to have bought it in a village on the Tapir-Weir Isles.

DRAFT Staring Shield

The staring shield is a blackened steel shield that has a grimacing shrunken face cast on the front. The shield may choose, if the holder risks it, to shriek at its opponent, which forces the opponent to risk being terrified. Afterward, the shield must rest.

DRAFT Steven

Steven is a small immortal goldfish who lives in a small, indestructible glass sphere which has "Steven," etched on it.

DRAFT Tankard of Potent Drink

The tankard of potent drink is a clay mug that makes any alcoholic beverages put in it much more potent. If it is filled with water, that water will sober up anyone who drinks it.

DRAFT Crown of Idbol Bark

The Crown of Idbol Bark is made of low-quality silverware collected from households in and around the town of Belcaer, in the Gloaming. It was made in early 80pc, by Idbol Bark, a goblin who has led a small clan operating out of Jacob's Folly since late 79pc.

DRAFT Toy Cyclops

The toy cyclops is a simple quilted doll, unfeatured except a large glass eye which has been stitched into the center of its face. The eye is a brilliant blue, and belongs to Odin, a god from another dimension.

DRAFT Supplements


Sometimes called "humanity's enduring heart," Ack is the de facto capital of human civilization. See Atlas of Ack.
Bartleby, Alfred
Bartleby's Curse
A small town, prosperous from serving travelers passing by. See Belcaer Gazetteer.
Chandlers Guild
A human commercial organization that involves itself in everything from apiculture to newspapers. See "Chandlers Guild" in Human Culture and Physiology.
Crown of Idbol Bark
A crown made of cheap silver folks twisted together. See "Crown of Idbol Bark".
TK See "Dwarves" in Encyclopedia of Magic Creatures.
TK See "Elves" in Encyclopedia of Magic Creatures.
A region of marshes and mesas. Sparsely populated and full of crime.
A species of short humanoids just smart enough to get themselves into real trouble. See "Goblins" in Encyclopedia of Magic Creatures.
TK See "Gods" in Encyclopedia of Magic Creatures.
See "Halflings" in Encyclopedia of Magic Creatures.
A species of sapient bipeds that spend time to save time. See Human Culture and Physiology.
Bark, Idbol
The leader of a small group of outlaws who extort a nearby trading town.
Jacob's Folly
A tiny limestone tower built long in the past, far from any road or landmark.
lantern, shiny
See "Shiny Lantern".
New World
TK See Cultures and Geography of the New World.
TK See "Odin" in Encyclopedia of Magic Creatures.
Old World
TK See Cultures and Geography of the Old World.
pipe, easy-smoking
TK See "Easy Smoking Pipe".
shortbow, shocking
TK See "Shocking Shortbow".
TK See "Sing-sing"
slicer of Tapir-Weir Isles
TK See "Slicer of Tapir-Weir Isles".
TK See "Steven".
Tapir-Weir Isles
toy cyclops
A simple quilted doll, featureless except a brilliant blue glass eye stitched into the center of its face. See "Toy Cyclops".
wand of switcharoo
TK See "Wand of Switcharoo".
wand, waxy
TK See "Waxy Wand".

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