Catalog of Mundane Things

DRAFT Introduction

This reference book is a draft: it is unfinished and that should be considered when reading it. Special attention should be paid to text marked DRAFT, EDIT, or TK.

DRAFT Catalog of Mundane Things

DRAFT Cokeberries

Cokeberries are a tart purple berry that grows natively in Arathel County and have been cultivated around Gnalens, in the New World. They are used to make wine, preserves, and dye, among other cottage uses.

DRAFT Unlimited Pasta Pass

The unlimited pasta pass can be used at any participating Pasta Palace for free unlimited pasta for the owner, and free soft drinks for them and their guest. Does not include breadsticks.

DRAFT Salmon Leather

Produced by humans in the New World, salmon leather is a popular choice of fabric in their fashion.

DRAFT Death Masks

Death masks are created in the town of Bellybrush, at Masked Mortuary by Daxol Nabrish and his son Arandul. The masks are created using a wax cast of the deceased's face, artfully distorted while warm, to create a clay mold.

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Masked Mortuary
Nabrish, Arandul
Nabrish, Daxol
unlimited pasta pass
salmon leather
Arathel County
New World
New World
Pasta Palace
death masks

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