Compendium of Conditions and Diseases


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Compendium of Conditions and Diseases

DRAFT Bartleby's Curse

Bartleby's Curse is a magic condition that effects any sapient creature it is directed at. It is applied with the waxy wand.


Bartleby's Curse has very minimal effects on the person its been placed on: the only effect they will notice is that reading, of any sort, will make them far more tired than otherwise.

The main effect is that anything the affected person reads will be "transcribed" by the waxy wand: paper held over its flame will reveal the text being read, overwriting itself from the beginning if the page becomes full.



Bartleby's Curse
TK See "Bartleby's Curse.
wand, waxy
TK See "Waxy Wand" in Catalog of Magic Items.

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