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My name is emsenn

This is my website

I am teaching myself about eco-industrialism and community organization with a focus on their potential to address our climate crisis. Recently, I planted my fall vegetables, wrote about eco-industrialism, and began to draft a curriculum for teaching myself eco-industrialism.

Currently, I am improving my personal website by joining the IndieWeb and growing my local branch of the I.W.W.. Soon, I plan to serialize my tragically funny fantasy world, Teraum and write an interactive fiction in which you're an artificial intelligence tasked with making widgets.

My given name is Morgan Sennhauser, but I go by emsenn. My preferred honorific prefix is M. I use they, them, theirs, as my pronouns. I am a cis man. I am of the Itázipčho (Sans Arc of the Lakota Sioux). I reside in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States of America, land once lived on by the Shoccoree, who never ceded sovereignty. My main online presence is at My email is

This website has pages to contact me and send me financial support. The page most recently added to this website is 1700h, October 27th 2019, a(n) log. In total, this website has around 123400 words.

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