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My name is emsenn.

I craft words and computer instructions with a focus on intersection of the two. This website has pages to contact me and send me financial support. It also contains 3 computer instruction sets, 84 essays, 1 game, and 6 poems.

Recently, I wrote There and Back Again (A Fediverse Journey), added my essays to my website, and started re-doing my personal site in Hugo.

Currently, I'm improving my personal website by joining the IndieWeb and writing on a table-top role-playing adventure called The Crown of Idbol Bark.

Soon, I want to serialize my tragically funny fantasy world, Teraum and write an interactive fiction in which you’re an artificial intelligence tasked with making widgets.

What follows is my "h-card": a collection of personal information that is here to help computers and humans learn more about me.
Naming Proper Name: emsenn
Honorific Given Name Family Name
M Morgan Sennhauser
Contact Methods
Physical Location Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States of America